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ABPANC News to Know :  Certification Dates For 2023             
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Celebrate 12,700+ Certified Perianesthesia Nurses - ABPANC Certification News for 2023 A Letter from ABPANC President Katherine Houle, MSN, RN, CPAN.  Please open and read and share information with your coworkers and unit.  Letter Follows: 

                              ABPANC Celebrates with ASPAN recognizing PANAW Week February
Every year, together with the American Society for Perianesthsia Nurses (ASPAN), ABPANC recognizes and honors perianestheia nurses across the country during this week. PANAW is an opportunity to educate nursing colleagues and the community about the professionalism and passionate care that is delivered by perianesthesia nurses every day. We’d love to see how you celebrate perianesthesia nurses in your unit or hospital. Send us photos of your celebrations and your nurses and we may use them on our website or in our Celebration Luncheon video during the ASPAN conference. 
Email photos to abpanc@cpancapa.org.

                Celebrate Certified Nurses Day!    March 19
ABPANC is proud to celebrate Certified Nurses Day, a national day of recognition for certified 
nurses. It began as a dream in 2008 as the idea of an ANCC staff member that quickly ignited the 
imaginations of American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) staff. Certified Nurses Day™ is a 
special day of recognition to celebrate the contribution of board certified nurses to the advance-
ment of nursing professionalism and to higher standards and better outcomes in patient health.
ANCC selected March 19 in honor of one of the greatest nursing leaders in the field of certification. March 19 was the birthday of Margretta “Gretta” Madden Styles, RN, EdD, FAAN; Dr. Styles was a visionary scholar with an international impact on the profession of nursing. Dr. Styles was born March 19, 1930 in Mount Union, Pennsylvania, passed away on Nov. 20, 2005.
Promo Kit
Tips for Celebrating Certified Nurses Day
The themes of Certified Nurses Day™ are professionalism, excellence, recognition and service as defined by the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC). ABPANC’s vision is that by recognizing and respecting the unequaled excellence in the mark of the CPAN® and CAPA® credential, perianesthesia nurses will seek it, managers will require it, employers will support it, and the public will demand it.
There are two basic celebration tracks to consider: recognition by employers; and celebration by board certified nurses, through service promoting CPAN/CAPA certification.
For Employers – Provide Recognition for all Certified Nurses
1.Press release to local papers .
2.Create a public “honor roll” for board certified nurses, for all to see.
3.Send letter of appreciation to each certified nurse in facility/department (see sample).
4.Hold a certification drive and invite your certified nurses to participate/lead.
5.Have a banquet, tea or luncheon for all your certified nurses.
6.Offer gifts, gift certificates or special bonuses to all your certified nurses.
7.Provide ribbons/buttons to all certified nurses.
8.Place announcements and signage throughout your facility to show support for Certified Nurses Day™.
9.Benchmark your efforts against those of other health care facilities around the nation.
For CPAN/CAPA Certified Nurses – Provide Service
1.Work with your employer to set up educational presentations for your colleagues on issues related to your specialty.
2.Go out into your community and give presentations at retirement homes, schools, businesses, and other environments where you can put your knowledge and experience to service.
3.Set up a mentoring program for nurses who have entered the nursing workforce more recently — share your experiences regarding the value of certification, ongoing education, career planning, maintaining morale and motivation, and dealing with challenges.
4.Work to see that Certified Nurses Day™ is recognized by the media in your community, by employers, and by your fellow certified nurses.
We’d love to see how you celebrate CPAN and CAPA nurses in your unit or hospital. Send us photos of your celebrations and your nurses and we may use them on our website or in our Celebration Luncheon video during the ASPAN conference. Email photos to abpanc@cpancapa.org.

Download all certification information at cpancapa.org.
Download from ABPANC website the CPAN/CAPA Certification App for Free
   Download the CPAN/CAPA Study App for nominal fee used for exam study.

We are very proud to have 2 Certifications Coaches from our Ohio OPANA Component.  
Certification Coach from NOPANA contact information: Debbie Wilson, MSN, RN, CPAN; Educator-AAP, Preop Holding, PACU; Promedica Toledo Hospital; 419.291.5533 (office) 419.479.6082 (fax), dlwilson19@promedica.org

Certification Coach from NEOPANA contact information: Elizabeth (Beth) Cooper, RN, CPAN, CAPA, LMT; PACU; University Hospital Portage Medical Center, Ravena, OH; ecooper622@yahoo.com

If you are already certified, encourage your colleagues to join the 12,500 perianesthesia nurses who are CPAN or CAPA certified. There are many benefits for improving your knowledge of our nursing specialty, advancing your own career, and improving patient care. Current" News to share" for CPAN/CAPA Certification.
ASPAN Members receive $100.00 Discount by being members so join today ! 
Click on ABPANC Link below or you can go to website: www.cpancapa.org
If you are getting ready to take your CPAN or CAPA certification exam, ASPAN now offers a convenient way to help you prepare: the Perianesthesia Certification Review Seminar Bundle. The seminar bundle consists of six related videos that are available on-demand and cover the following topics:
1. Overview of the Perianesthesia Certification Exams 
2. Anesthetic Agents and Techniques
3. Special Populations
4. ASPAN Standards 2022-2023
5. Clinical Judgement in Perianesthesia Nursing
6. Test Taking Tips
This approach allows you to study at your own pace, earn 8.1 contact hours, and face the certification exam with greater confidence. Additionally, the bundle can be purchased with or without the latest version of the Perianesthesia Nursing Standards, Practice Recommendations and Interpretive Statements, another great resource for preparing for the exams. Special member pricing is available!
How to Purchase Modules
Each webinar module or bundle must be purchased separately. (Those currently available listed below.)
You will have access to each individual module for 30 days from date of purchase, and to the six-module bundle for 45 days.
Individual Modules: $25 each for ASPAN members; $40 for non-members. 
Perianesthesia Certification Review Bundle: $98 for ASPAN members; $160 for non-members. 
You must be logged into the ASPAN Website to continue. If you are not already logged in, click here to log in, or to create a user name and password. 
If you experience any difficulties viewing a Webinar Module, please click here for recommended computer standards for optimum viewing. 
After logging on to the Web site, click here to purchase modules,
and/or to view your previously purchased modules.
ASPAN Perianesthesia Certification Review Bundle  bundle can be purchased with or without a copy of the ASPAN 2022-2023 Perianesthesia Nursing Standards, Practice Recommendations and Interpretive Statements. ASPAN Members receive a $10 discount on Standards with bundle purchase. ASPAN Standards can be purchased at the ASPAN.org website.
​ASPAN Perianesthesia Certification Review Bundle
(Requirements for Successful Completion: You must view each module it its entirety, achieve a 100% on the post test, and complete the online evaluation by the deadline to receive continuing nursing education, contact hour credit.) The PCR Bundle is available to you for 120 days from your date of purchase. Cost is $98.00 and registration can be completed online at Website: ASPAN.org>Education>ASPAN Learn>PCR On Demand Bundles>Register.
National Speaker/Educator Linda Ziolkowski MSN RN CPAN
The Perianesthesia Certification Review bundle is a great resource for starting your review for both the perianesthesia certification exams, CPAN® & CAPA®, offered by the American Board of Perianesthesia Nursing Certification. This is a "Learner Paced" educational activity.
1.Overview of the Perianesthesia Certification Exams (1.0 CH, IC) 
2.Anesthetic Agents and Techniques (2.25 CH, DC) 
3.Special Populations (2.0 CH, DC) 
4.ASPAN Standards (1.75 CH, DC) 
5.Clinical Judgement in Perianesthesia Nursing (1.25 CH, IC) 
6.Test Taking Tips (1.0 CH, IC) 

Practice Exams – Buy One, Get One Free. Our new practice exams include the correct answer and references 
to help you study more efficiently.
Study References – This resource document lists more than one dozen references to help you study for the CPAN and CAPA exam.:
Study Tips – This electronic document provides valuable study tips to help prepare for the computer-based testing model.
Study Plan – This study plan divides subject matter into topics based on the CPAN and CAPA test blueprints.
ABPANC  Click on this link to go directly to ABPANC's website                          

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