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Region 3 Director's Report and Updates May 2019
Update from ASPAN Region 3 Director
The Road Home

There is something about going home that brings comfort to our hearts. That comfort of being with those we love especially around the holidays is something I personally love. During the pandemic it has looked a bit different for my family with empty chairs around our table. To tell you I am grateful for those empty chairs may sound strange but I am. Focusing on the memories of those who have filled the chairs brings me comfort and hope for future. Gratitude brings happiness and comfort to our hearts.

The road home to gratitude is to focus on what we do have. A quote by Albert Clarke states, in our daily lives, we must see that it is not happiness that makes us grateful, but the gratefulness that makes us happy. Who can say that they have too much happiness? Studies have shown that being grateful can increase our happiness.

How do you practice gratefulness? Recently I have been writing letters of gratitude. By writing a letter to someone who has made an impact on your life not only increases their happiness but your own. If I could write you a letter, I would tell you how grateful I am for you. Your commitment to your patients and ASPAN encourages me and our hope for to-morrow. This was evident with the attendance of the leadership development institute. There were over 300 in attendance which is a testament of the future leadership for ASPAN. Thank you for taking the time to attend and consider attending National conference.

ASPAN national conference is around the corner and it is planned to be a virtual 
and in person event this year. This will be an excellent opportunity for those who 
are not able to afford the expense of travel to attend such an event.

In summary, I am grateful for you and hope that we are on this road home to a
world that has the pandemic be- hind us and the future of a stronger ASPAN
before us.

Stay well,

Deb Moengen BSN RN CPAN
Region 3 Director        
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