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Region 3 Director's Report and Updates May 2017
Region Director: Region 3 Summer Update

Are you welcoming the warmth of summer days relieved with the coolness of the nights? Many things can get done during the summer days: gardens mature, Vitamin D gets absorbed, play takes place as we search for a respite from the summer’s heat. The cool evenings serve as a means for replenishment and regeneration.

Summer is a time for your ASPAN Board to be busy with maturation, absorption and searching. The RDs have been busy planning and preparing for the Component Development Institute (CDI) coming up in September. This is a wonderful opportunity for Component Leaders to network and gain some insights into some different leadership options which should help build and replenish your Components. Don’t be afraid to contact your Component Leadership to offer your regeneration. We have many opportunities and mechanisms to support you.

I have plans on visiting several of my Components this Fall. This will be a busy time for me as I am winding down my second term as your RD: a fun and rewarding experience for me.

While I’m talking about completing my second term, I’d like to invite you to consider serving (and running) for a position on the ASPAN Board, as we search for innovative ideas and interest. The Call for Nominations went out July 11th. You are never expected to do a function for this fantastic organization without orientation and mentoring to assist you in your maturation on this professional level. Access the ASPAN website, review the positions and complete the documentation for you to begin one of the most rewarding challenges you may ever experience.

Maturation, replenishment and searching are verbs that are very busy during the summer months. I am here to serve you. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns so I may assist you in your professional maturation, rejuvenation and searching! 
Sylvia Baker, MSN, RN, CPAN, FASPAN

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