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Region 3 Director's Report and Updates May 2017
Region 3 Director Newsletter Update

The fall seems to have been on a collision course with winter! When I think back, I am not even sure that we had fall this year; summer was a blur as well, it seems.

This has been a pretty tough Fall/early winter season for me. Fall brings on lots of travel for the Regional Directors, and I noticed no exception. During this Fall season, I did lots of ASPAN activities, beginning with LDI, visiting three Components and attending the S&G meeting. With virtually each of these experiences, my eighty-eight-year-old Father ended up needing medical assistance. If you happened to catch me at any of these activities, you likely noticed that I was a bit pre-occupied. My dad taught me lots over the years, primarily he taught me contentedness and patience. It didn’t seem to matter what was going on with him, he took it all in stride. I often teased my dad that he was a Student Nurses’ nightmare with his 12 pills that he consumed each morning to keep his physiology in relative balance. I also teased him about his medical alphabet soup. I recall when he was diagnosed with diabetes (DM) and then a few years later with chronic kidney disease (CKD), all on top of his COPD, how he gracefully and quietly accepted and worked with diet modification to help maintain some degree of normal physiology. On November 6th, my dad was called to his eternal home and is now at complete rest: able to breathe deeply and easily. My family and I blessed beyond measure as his influence was almost boundless (for a man with an eight grade education) as we celebrated his life with more than 300 people who attended his visitation and over 200 who showed their respects at his funeral. Because of the timing of his passing, I was not able to attend ASPAN’s midyear Board Meeting. 

Your ASPAN Board has been busy this fall. On Thursday, November 16th, the slate of officers for the upcoming year was posted to the ASPAN Website. Please take the time to look over this robust, experienced group of candidates and log your choices so your Representative Assembly members know how you wish to be represented. Several policies have been reviewed and updated. The members of the Standards and Guidelines SWT poured over and reviewed and updated our next edition of the Standards (to be approved by the RA in Anaheim, CA with our next National Conference). 

ASPAN is alive and well, but this premiere organization still needs your input and involvement. I encourage you to look at the many ways you can have a part in the functioning of this society. Let your Component Leaders know what and how you’d like to get involved.

As Christmas and New Year’s holidays come around, give yourself the gift of professional involvement and take the challenge (or plunge) to give some of your talent to your organization. You will find that the gift you receive will be about ten-fold to the effort that you outlay.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! I hope to see you in sunny (warm… and HOW I’m looking forward to that) California!

Sylvia Baker, MSN, RN, CPAN Region 3 Director

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