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PeriAnesthesia CPAN and CAPA Certification Recognition of OPANA Members
All CPANs and CAPAs from Ohio attending the OPANA Fall State Meeting In Columbus October 22, 2016 were recognized 

OPANA is proud of it's PeriAnesthesia Certified  Nurses who took the challenge starting in 1986 and continue today with over 400 nurses currently certified as CPANs and CAPAs,  and 40 CPANS and 20 CAPAs recertified in Fall 2016.

OPANA proudly congratulate these Newly Certified CPANs for Fall of 2016 from Ohio:
                                           MELANIE SIVY                                                             
                                           TAMARA LOU DICARLO                                                  
                                           ROBIN RENEE' HILLEARY-VEITH                                   
                                           BETH CHAMBERLIN                                                        
                                           LISA MARIE MORROW                                                     
                                           TINA MARIE HARVEY                                                       
                                           TAMMY J. MENKE                                                            
                                           PAMELA VONDERHEIDE                                                
                                           LEONOR GUDIN                                                             
                                           MARIE S CRUMP                                                            
                                           BETH DANIELS                                                               

OPANA proudly congratulate these Newly Certified CAPAs for Fall of 2016 from Ohio:
                                           NAOMI BANASZEK                                                            
                                           KRISTY LYNN HOOVER                                                    
                                           MAUREEN SEROWSKI                                                      
                                           DEBORAH PYLE                                                              
                                           JOAN MARIE BEER                                                         
                                           RANI P JENKINS                                                              
                                           TAMARA LYNNSHIFLEY                                                 
                                           LISA MICHELLE JOESTLEIN                                           
                                           LORI MIDDLE SUMMERVILLE                                        
                                           CHERYLMARIE ANDREAS-ALTIER                                
                                           KIMBERLY ANNGREENAWALT                                     
                                           CHRISTINE MARIE PREXTA                                            
                                           CYNTHIA MICHELLE PLATO                                          

Debby Niehaus, BSN, CPAN was the only one of the 17 nurses who have maintained their CPAN certification for 30 years, that attended the ASPAN National Conference in Philadelphia April of 2016. Debby  received a gift and was Recognized by ABPANC at their  Conference Celebration Party on Component Night, the CPAN Luncheon and ASPAN's opening ceremony for being a certified CPAN 30 years. Debby sat  for the first CPAN testing in November 1986.  OPANA  also salutes members Kathy Jurrus and Penny Risher who also have 30 years of certification.
CPANs and CAPAs who were present at the OPANA State Fall Meeting stood up to be recognized.  Ohio has a 78% certification rate, . Dual Certified nurses Beth Cooper, Tina Harvey, and Brandy Mather were recognized.        Alabelle  Zghoul  pictured  below at the ABPANC Certification table being 1 of our 8 certification coaches
CPANs and CAPAs -OPANA Fall State Meeting 10/14/17 in Columbus stood to be recognized then had picture taken.

OPANA Recognizes the Newly Certified CPANs and CAPAs on the list below and we also salute those nurses who have Recertified and Continued their journey with: 25 CAPAs, 24 CPANs and 1 dual Members for Spring 2019
Newly Certified CPANs:
Shannon Miller, Michelle Lynn Hastings, Andrea Kerry Packer Deboo, Kelly Rae Demattio 
Dual New CPAN and CAPA Certified: 
Linda Marie Gallo
Newly Certified CAPAs: LorraineSusanBoike, LindaMarieGallo, MichaelJamesPace, SandyLauraBennett, EllenR. Hummel, Lindsay Stoll, CraigAllenVarner, MichelleMarieHido, ValerieNadineBorzy, JenniferMBorowski, Jamie Elliott, Olga Feider, JessicaLeeThomas, PamelaSMyers, JulieMarieCalvert, MargaretSSetser, LauraJeanMarshall
LindaSTaylor, RachelLynnPhipps, AmyJMcCarty
Active OPANA CAPA and CPAN Certified as of Spring 2019:  DUAL 19   CAPA 202   CPAN 228    TOTAL 449 
Ohio Certification CoachesJacqueline, RN CAPA; Brandy Mather, RN, CPAN, CAPA; Catherine Prince RN, CPAN;Victoria Wells, RN CAPA; Debbie Wilson, RN, CPAN; Alabelle Zghoul, BSN, RN, CPAN; and Rosemary Durning, RN, CAPA.
ASPAN members receive a $110 discount. Go to CPANCAPA.org for ABPANC testing dates, news, and application deadlines. 
Register early to get the testing date you want/have time to study. Practice Exams Buy two Get two Free – 200 questions for $100. Earn 16 contact hours. Free Study Guides and Reference Materials available at: www.cpancapa.org/resources/study-tools.
Nancy McGushin,MSN, RN, CPAN received a beautiful amethyst bracelet with a sterling silver disc engrave with CPAN.presented by Debby Niehaus Charter CPAN and ABPANC Ambassador in a drawing for all CPAN and CAPAs at the October 14, 2017 Fall State OPANA Meeting in Columbus, Ohio.
 CPANs and CAPAs -OPANA Spring State Meeting April 14, 2018 in Cleveland stood to be recognized then had picture.
Three of our 21 Dual Certified OPANA nurses who attended the OPANA Spring Meeting and stood to be recognized.
All CPANs and CAPAs at OPANA's Spring State Meeting May 18, 2019 in Akron stood to be recognized and pictured 
Certified CPANs and CAPAs at the Fall State Meeting in Columbus October 5, 2019
OPANA Recognizes the following newly Certified Ohio CPANs and CAPAs who work at Cleveland Clinic and passed their certification exam in Fall of 2020Ann Ban CPAN-Euclid Hospital; Julie Gauntner CPAN - Main Campus; Lisa Kaderabek CPAN - Main Campus; Catherine Leonard CAPA - Main Campus; Christine Rafferty CPAN - Main Campus; Stacey Rundle CPAN -Main Campus; Heather Seaman CPAN - Main Campus.  Congratulations.