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Scholarship and Awards Ohio PeriAnesthesia Nurses Association
    Down load your OPANA Scholarship form here.  You can submit your 
    completed form to your OPANA District Representative and apply to 
    receive money to attend either OPANA Spring or Fall State meetings.    
    The form can be filled out on line, save it, print and submit to you rep 
    at your district meeting or email. See email list under Organization Link.
    REMEMBER: You must fill out both pages of the two page form to submit!! 
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Excellence in Clinical Practice Award 

 2020, 2021 and 2022 has been a challenging years for all of us. PeriAnesthesia Nurses across the nation stepped up to face the challenge. Do you work with someone who stepped up to the challenge by accepting a different work assignment, leading a team to manage the daily changes, worked a COVID testing site or COVID unit, instructors others on PPE or fit tested for required PPE. Share the story of an RN who went above and beyond in facing the challenges of 2020 by nominating her/him for the Excellence in Clinical Practice Award. Criteria for submission include active member of ASPAN/OPANA, RN involved in direct care of perianesthesia patients, expert in clinical nursing, and promotes Perianesthesia nursing. The application is available for download on the OPANA web site (www.Ohiopana). The award is presented annual at the fall meeting in October and now is the time to nominate a peer or yourself. Award honorees names are submitted to the ASPAN Excellence in Clinical Practice award presented at National Conference. Honor someone you work with by telling his/her story. Please submit the nomination 2 weeks before the Fall OPANA State Meeting to the award chair: Debbie Wilson dlwilson19@aol.com.

Excellence in Clinical Practice 2019 Winner.  We had No Applicant in 2021, Please consider a nomination!!

This award is presented at the Fall OPANA conference to a current active member of the District, OPANA, and ASPAN who is involved in direct care of perianesthesia patients and CPAN or CAPA certified. The 2019 Award for Excellence in Clinical Practice was awarded to Marianne Barga, BSN, RN, CPAN from NOPANA. Marianne Barga is a fulltime RN in Preop and Phase 2 for ProMedica Flower Hospital in Sylvania, Ohio. She has been a nurse for over 36 years and worked in Periop for over 30 years in many different roles. She is an Associate Degree graduate who completed her BSN while raising her family and working full time. Marianne has been a member of the hospital Professional clinical ladder since its beginning and is considered a Professional Expert on the Clinical Ladder. She has been certified as a CPAN since 1993. She regularly precepts senior RN students and new staff in her department. For the past 10 years Marianne has organized and staffed a digestive heath booth at a community business expo. Other volunteer activities she has been involved in include Habitat for Humanity volunteer, manning first aid stations at the Mud Hens baseball a games and Race for the Cure, and assisting in an Open house/clinic to explore health care career opportunities for Boy Scouts and Girls Scouts troops. Marianne has been involved with NOPANA, OPANA and ASPAN since early in her career when the group was beginning to organize in NW Ohio as evidenced by her ASPAN membership number of 199. Congratulations Marianne Barga, BSN, RN, CPAN 
OPANA Recruiter of the Year Award
OPANA Recruiter of the Year Award is given at the OPANA Spring State meeting to the person who recruited the most new member in the past year as identified by ASPAN's office.  Please make sure that you either write your name on membership application brochures you distribute as a recruiter, or have your name added electronically by the member you recruit when they apply for their membership.  
You will be entered into the drawing for ASPAN's Recruiter of the Year at the ASPAN National Conference and will also have a chance in the entry for the OPANA state recruiter monetary award and certificate  that is awarded annually in the Spring.  
Congratulations to members who received an OPANA Spring or Fall Meeting Scholarships Awarded in 2019.   
Congratulations: OPANA Recruiter of the Year Award 2022
The recruiter of the year award is usually given at the Spring state meeting. The award consists of a certificate, pin and a monetary award. It is given to the person who recruited the most new ASPAN/OPANA members in the previous year (January to December). We are honored to present the Recruiter of the year award: Alabelle Zghoul of COPANA, Congratulations. Awards and certificates will be mailed to the recipients since there have been no live meetings this year. There is still time this year to work toward this award. Start recruiting new members. Make sure your name is on application to get credit. ASPAN also has awards gifts for recruiting new members. 
ASPAN Gold Leaf and Shining Star Award Report for 2022.
Gold Leaf
We are ineligible to apply for the Gold Leaf Award for 3 years since we won in 2018. The 2022 Gold Leaf winner is TAPAN (Texas).
There were 3 component applicants. There was thanks by component in changing of scoring and applicant submission. I have written 3 applications now. Looking forward that we can apply again in 2022. That means we would start collecting our data from January to December of 2021. That’s all I will say in this now. 
Shining Star
We did it again! 2022
Technically-our “official membership number” on the date I was required to report made us 97% certified!!!!!
I reviewed a Component Gold Leaf Report that has a drawing for Shining Star Award. All Certified Nurses are eligible. Here’s an idea: We could have a drawing of the certified nurses registered at one of our conferences-say Spring and the winner could get our Shining Star award. ABPANC usually sends a bracelet for fall conference.
I know we are to have an inventory report of our Shining Star trophies. We have now won 8 trophies. 
I thank you for letting me write these reports.

Sincerely Submitted,
Beth Cooper RN CPAN CAPA

Be a Recruiter. Make sure you tell a friend about ASPAN Membership!
Alabelle Zghoul of COPANA.
 Recruiter of the Year 2022
Deb Wilson, the OPANA Award Chair presented the 2019 Excellence in Clinical Practice Award to Marianne Barga from Toledo. See write up below.
OPANA is so proud of Amy Berardinelli, DNP, RN, NE-BC, CPAN, FASPAN 2021-2023 OPANA President  our nominee and recipient of the 2022 ASPAN Outstanding Achievement Award .