OPANA Members at ASPAN's 38th National Conference at Gaylord Opryland Hotel
  Nashville, Tennessee      May 5-9, 2019
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The Representative Assembly (RA) was chaired by current Vice President Amy Dooley - Elizabeth Card was elected Vice President elect to be installed on Thursday when Amy becomes President- Esther Watson,  a soon to be nonagenarian,  is ASPAN's Historian and was recently honored for service to ASPAN by naming the ASPAN  NJ national office room,  the "Esther E. Watson Library. "  Esther came forward to be recognized at the RA, and  last picture in row is sign acknowledging that Toni Zito from GCPANA was recognized as one of the winners of the 2019 'Above and Beyond Award'  given to ASPAN members nominated by peer for service. 
OPANA celebrated ASPAN Component Night "Denim, Diamonds, and Dancing!" with food, fun, group karaoke to "Hang on Sloopy" and  boot scooting on the dance floor.
Welcome to the Gaylord Opryland Hotel in' Nashville Tennessee. Sunday started early with the ASPAN Dream Walk around the outside of the hotel passing the 'Grand Ole Opry', before returning for a cup of Starbucks brews. ASPAN Vice President Amy Dooley with Rami Holcomb on left and President Regina Hoefner-Notz on right pictured with ALphonso Baker, Diane Swintek participated with several early rising OPANA members. 
All districts of OPANA nurses were represented and seeing old friends and making new aquaintences was fun and we were glad to see some first time attendees to make them welcome.  Great food, dancing and SINGING. Thank you Beth for the OPANA "Fans" and guitar pics for all attending! With the temperatures in Nashville being warm, the fans came in handy.
ASPAN's Opening seesion on Monday was presided over by President Regina Hoefner-Notz who has led the organinzation with a theme of "Serving" this year. Several groups wee recognized including Ohio members. The "Fab Five are members who have attended all 38 ASPAN National Conferences since 1982: Lois Schick, Debby Niehaus from Cincinnati, Ohio  Esther Watson, Jane Ehrhart, and Liz Martin.  3rd Pic-Members who became ASPAN fellow "FASPAN"  this year are Elizabeth Card, Helen Fong, Dolly Ireland and Toni Zito from Cleveland, Ohio. 

.Sally Swartzlander. and Beth Cooper at ASPAN Representative Assembly  on Sunday. Sally with Meg Betrurne, the  Fall OPANA speaker and Beth with Deborah Dosemagen new Region 3 Director. Sally and OPANA's Debby Niehaus, Past ASPAN Pres. at RA.

ABPANC hosted CPAN CAPA Lunch with 600 attendees and the speaker/singer Charles “Chip” Esten, singer/songwriter star of the hit show “Nashville.”. Sally with ABPANC Silver Star awarded to OPANA for statewide outstanding number of Certified Nurses. 
Deb Wolff, Component member from NEOPANA was recognized as one of five nominees for the National Clinical Excellence Award. The outstanding and humorous Key Note speaker, Matt Jones, opened the 38th ASPAN National Conference speaking on " How to Stay Motivated as a Nurse". Charter members and friends - Debby Niehaus, Esther Watson, Dolly Ireland and Lois Schick got together reminicing about the many national conferences past and now are part of planning for the 40th ASPAN Conference in two years, to be held (where ASPAN first started) in Orlando Florida. OPANA President Sally Swartzlande pictured was recognized at opening ceremony as OPANA President.
Exhibit Hall opening o Monday evening with OPANA a Component Sponsor for the Conference.  OPANA members broused the exhibitor vendor booths, bid at the Silent Auction and looked at the poster displays both found in the Ryman Exhibit Hall.
OPANA Friends meeting for dinner at Findley's a Delta Restaurants was Phyllis Meskco, Sally S. Nancy McGushin, and Debby N.
ASPAN Past Presidents in the Beautiful Atrium Gardens at Opryland
ASPAN had 21 of the 38 ASPAN Past Presidents at the 38th Conference.  Pictured along with President Amy Dooley and Vice President Elect Elizabeth Card, all enjoyed catching up and lunch on Tuesday. Debby Niehuas, OPANA is 2nd from right 1st row.
At the Resource Development Breakfast on Wednesday,the Chair, Armi Holcomb presented Sharon Gallgher from CAPANA, the 2019 ASPAN Patricia Hansen Memorial Award for attaining the highest score for Conference Scholarship Applicants.Terry Clifford, spoke on "Walking the Winding Path" a review of History of Nursing, Peiranesthesia Nursing, and ASPAN's Journey.  
ASPAN Past Presidents in their graduation pictures and their Conference Program cover were shown. Ina Pipkin ASPAN's  1st President 1980-82 sent in copies of first ASPAN  (Aspen) leaf logo's considered when first started 1980. ASPAN President Debby Niehaus 1990-1991 had her Conference in her hometown Cincinnati in 1991. Shown in her graduation cap was recognized at Breakfast. Terry had many fun slides including this one: "The Nurses's Cape, Historical Proof That We Are Superheros"
Funny but true slides of nursing shared by Terry; "How we used to block calls," Phone Booth of the past and Phone Booth today?and lastly how we may have "Robots" assist in the future of Nursing.  We all liked that robots could come and help lift Patients!  
OPANA  Members gathered on the steps at OPRYLAND hotel spelling out our OH--IO and then after more Ohio members arrived we took group picturse on the steps outside of the ballroom where the President's Recption was held on Wednesday Evening.
National Conference Poster Presenters from OPANA:
Christ Hospital Cincinnati: Improving Comfort Level of PACU Nurses During Intubation and Code Blue Situations-
*Janet Fricker,BSN, RN, BC, CPAN, Emily Tirado BSN, RN and Kaitlyn Jones, BSN, RN, CCRN
Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland Ohio
# 15 Cut to the Chase: Pre-op Surgical Clipping – Michele Gatt, BSN, RN
# 108 Collaborative Care of Patients During PACU Holds – Colleen Cummins, MSN, BBA, RN, CEN
# 111 Bedside Handoff Report to Improve Communication: PACU and Receiving Medical/ Surgical Unit – Michele Popik, BSN,RN
# 113 PACU Construction Survivor – Kate Horner, BSN, RN, CPAN
# 120 Changing Logistics of Emergency Equipment in Same Day Surgery – Lisa Law, MSN, RN and Stacy Rice, RN
# 146 Visitation Guidelines in the PeriAnesthesia Setting: From Evidence to Practice Change – Toni Zito, MSN, RN, CPAN
# 164 Pediatric PACU Workflow Improvement – Michelle Levay, MSN, RN, CPN

ASPAN President's Reception Wednesday Evening
in the Presidential Ballroom - Opryland Hotel
Sally and Beth Join  amny friends at reception.
OPANA members hit the dance floor and Rose enjoyed the festivities.
Evening had fun, good food, and lots of dancing with many in their dancing boots.  Debby N. pictured with incoming ASPAN president Amy Dooley and her husband, Diane and Sharon from CAPANA,many toasting the outgoing President Regina (in middle fuchia jacket),Nancy Mcgushin  and Sally visiting with other Ohio attendees. 
OPANA members go up bright and early for the Thursday Closing Breakfast with Installation of New Officers, incoming President Amy Dooley gave her Presidential speech, Saying ggodbye to friend from all over the country till next year when we meet in Denver
Closing speaker Jan McInnis: "Finding the Funny in Change"
Announcement was made along with short video promo of the 2020 Conference at the Gaylord Rockies Resort and Convention Center in Aurora, Colorado that is  North of Denver.  The 39th Conference theme is Celebrate Strength Elevate Practice.
Nancy and Debby share "We didn't have to leave our room in the evening to see the dancing fountain and colorful light show in the Delta Atrium." Animals, palm trees. birds, dancing fruit all were part of the light show with fountains responding to musical songs. 
OPANA had many posters entered in the Research, EBP, and QI poster displays this year with Cleveland Clinic having 8 and Christ Hospital in Cincinnati one. When the final list comes out, I will update if I missed and additional entries need to be recognized.
2019-2020 ASPAN Board: L to R- Row 1: Elizabeth Card, Vice President Elect; Regina Hoefner-Notz, Immediate. Past President; Amy Dooley, President; Connie Hardy Tabet, Region 1 Director; Row 2: Diane Swintek, Director for Clinical Practice; Chris Skinner, Treasurer; Bronwyn Ship, Region 2 Director; Ex Officio Member - Vicki Yfantis, ABPANC President; Row 3: Jennifer Kilgore, Secretary;  Margaret McNeill, Director for Research; Mary Baird, Director for Education; Deborah Moengen, Region 3 Director; Keisha Franks, Region 5 Director; Row 4: Ex Officio Member-Kevin Dill, ASPAN CEO; and Susan Norris, Region 2 Director.