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           Ohio PeriAnesthesia Nurses Association Celebrate 40 years
 1979 - 2019
40 Years from Ohio Recovery Rooom Nurses Association(ORRNA) to Ohio PeriAnesthesia Nurses Association (OPANA). Ohio organized at a statewide meeting of nurses in Toledo in spring of 1979 as the Ohio Recovery Room Nurses Association (ORRNA). The name changed to the Ohio Post Anesthesia Nurses Association (OPANA) in 1984 to align our name with our national ASPAN Organization. In 1998 the current name was adopted, Ohio PeriAnesthesia Nurses Association (OPANA).

Our Journey from OPANA Charter Members to Leaders of today.

We started from our 6 districts and combined to become a component of ASPAN under the guidance of Jovita Keane our first Ohio Director Representative and Founding director and first Historian for ASPAN. Jovita and Carol Holt held the organizing meeting in Toledo, Ohio May of 1979 and the rest is history. I will not be able to identify everyone who has served but have included directors, officers and committee chairs. I apologize sincerely if I have forgotten to acknowledge you.

OPANA has had many outstanding members involved with ASPAN contributing on the National Organizational Level including:

Jovita Keane ASPAN Founding Director 1980, and OPANA First Director 1980-1983, ASPAN and OPANA Historian, OPANA Parliamentarian, and she received the High Honor, the ASPAN President’s Award 1990.

Debby Niehaus, OPANA Director 1983-85, ASPAN Executive Committee 1983-85, ASPAN Treasurer 1985-1989, ASPAN President 1990-1991, Past President 1991-1992 & Bd Member, Core Curriculum Author/Reviewer and many Committee/SWT Chair. Current Member ASPAN Past President’s Circle, Emerging Leaders, Membership/Mkt. Development and Publication SWT/Committees. 

Donna Seaman, OPANA Director, Publication Chair, National Conference Chair in Cincinnati 1991, and ASPAN Secretary

Kathy Jurrus, ASPAN Treasurer, OPANA Director and President, ABPANC Member

Joyce Dufford, ASPAN Secretary, OPANA Director and President

Joan Vogelsang, ASPAN Research Committee Coordinator

Martha Clark, ABPANC Board and Committee, ASPAN Region 3 Director 2009-13

Jackie Ross, Breathline Editor, Many ASPAN Committee and Strategic Work Team Chair

Toni Zito and Amy Berardinelli, ASPAN Nominating Committee, SWTs, & Committees. Toni Zito first OPANA to receive FASPAN 2019.

Thank you all state District Officers, District Members  past and present and  a big thank you to our current OPANA officers and Board for continuing this legacy of leadership and commitment to Excellence in PeriAnesthesia Nursing. 
Check back, there will be pictures added to page

ASPAN’s 10th National Conference in 1991 was in Cincinnati, Ohio and was hosted by CAPANA and OPANA Members. Conference host dressed up in the Cincinnati Riverboat theme, with OPANA members making sure all ASPAN attendees had a great time and made some fun memories !!

We have much to be proud of nationally and within our GREAT state of -- OH   IO !!  

1.Carol Holt                         1979-1980 

2.Irma Habinek                      1980-1981                                  
3.Dorothy Sili                        1981-1982                           
4.   Debby Niehaus                     1982-1983 

5.Kathy Jurrus                       1983-1984                            
6.Joyce Dufford                     1984-1985                      
7.Donna Seaman                     1985-1986 

8.Linda Palmer                       1986-1987 

9.Shirley Seeger                    1987-1988   

10.Barb Graham                     1988-1989    

11.Penny Shuck Risher              1989-1990

12.Beth Gartner                     1990-1991 

13.Bonnie Crumley                   1991-1992

14.Karen Manning                   1992-1993   

15.Georgene Jones                  1993-1994   

16.Barb Maul                        1994-1995   

17.Ruth Mundy                      1995-1996  

18.Sue Straits-Guertin             1996-1997    

19.Alabelle Zghoul                  1997-1998   

20.Nancy Post                      1998-1999   

21.Liz Goffe                        1999-2000   

22.Pat Dempsey                     2000-2001     

23.Jane Booth                       2001-2002  

24.Billie Tender                     2002-2003    

25.   Peggy Repka                     2003-2004    

26.   Debby Niehaus                  2004-2005

27.   Terri Shine                       2005-2007

28.   Deb Wolffe                       2007-2009

29.   Nancy McGushin                  2009-2011

30.   Jeanne Guess                     2011-2013

31.   Rose Durning                      2013-2015

32.   Teri Siroki                        2015-2017

33.   Sally Swartzlander               2017-2019

34.   ElizaBeth Cooper                 2019-2021

OPANA Past Presidents attending and celebrating OPANA's 40th Anniversary 1979-2019  L-R  in Front Row: Debra Wolffe,  Billy Tender, Donna Seaman, Penny Risher, Alabelle Zghoul, Jane Booth, and Debby Niehaus.  
Row 2: Sally Swartzlander, Nancy McGushin, Sue Guertin, Teri Siroki, and Rose Duerning.
OPANA President Beth Cooper opened the meeting with greetings introducing speaker Dr Daniel Eiferman. Paula Haines Exec Director of"Freedom A La Cart"; speaker April Thacker human trafficking survivor - Manager at Freedom A La Cart, and Dr. Maurilio Garcia-Gil spoke on kidney disease. Sharon Gallagher introduced her friend speaker Debby Niehaus, Past ASPAN and OPANA President, who  gave a salute to 40 year history of OPANA from Recovery Room to PeriAnesthesia Nurses. Debby shared the History of the organization, ties to ASPAN, and how it all started. Debby presented a power point with pictures and a table top poster of OPANA history including a tribute to Toledo's Jovita Keane the first organizer of OPANA and ASPAN Founding Director, Historian and President Award winner.
CAPANA-the Cincinnati district also celebrated 40 years in May of this year and were highlighted with poster and pictures.
David Shelby shared the new Mosby - ASPAN modules for education and orientation being rolled out 2020. 
Meals  for day were catered by Freedom A La Cart, Marianne Barga from Toledo received the 2019 OPANA Excellence in Clinical Nursing Award from chair Deb Wilson, and Jackie Knauff and Beth Wheeler attended from Portsmouth who are looking into establishing a new district in the South East corner of Ohio.
Certified Nurses attending the Fall State meeting at the Siegel Ctr. at Columbus Mt. Carmel East Hospital.